Shadow Dawn EP

by Shadow Dawn

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released July 4, 2017



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Shadow Dawn Adelaide, Australia

Independent band from Adelaide, Australia.

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Track Name: 20 to Life
Distant places from past experiences
Guarded weapon protect my mind
Consequences that I’m pretending
Harder method than buying time

I survived intact
But these scars
Remind me always

Twisted shapes that I interpret
Conclusions drawn I can’t deny
No solutions, run out of options
Never counted on buying time

I never cared, but it matters now

Faced all this straight
All of this
all of this

A million faces staring expressionless
Judgement day has come and gone
Winning places are so deceptive
Next round stuck back of the line
Track Name: Just Say
Feeling insane don’t know what to say
Day by day stuck on repeat
Million thoughts, storm in my brain
Trapped in mediocrity

Moving out the way (move it out the way)
Can’t stay for long
Drifting out astray (drift and I’m astray)
Never felt so wrong (so wrong)

Just say
Just say enough

Hiding the pain forever too ashamed
Swinging cycle ticking defeat
Out of mind can not explain
Incessant need to be
Track Name: The Art of Discourse
Sweep the ashes of the past
Burnt the place down by an iconoclast
False prophets; guiding light
drift astray to no end in sight

Redefine reality
Normalising irrationality
Muddy waters; blurred lines
Distort the truth, but facts can’t lie

Stop lying to us

Welcome to insanity
Dawning of a different time
We are all stuck behind

Spiteful words, no compromise
Fan the anger; watch the hatred rise
Appeal to fear to gain control
Pushing past a new threshold